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  1. So I was testing out potions and I stumbled upon ZOMBIE VIRUS DO NOT CONSUME so I obviously consumed it (who wouldn't have?) And IT IS A KILLER if you put it in a brewing stand with gunpowder THAT IS LIKE THE MOST EXTEME PVP Weapon EVERRRRR! SPLASHPOTION OF ZOMBIE VIRUS!!!
  2. I dont know if itll let you do that.....
    why dont you post a screenshot of you brewing one?
  3. OK i'll do it in the afternoon or next time i get a ZOMBIE VIRUS
  4. I'm not sure if it will let you put it in a brewing stand and modify it......also, please watch the caps when you are in-game.
  5. I do watch meh caps ingame and i have put one in a brewing stand (PUT IT IN) a long time ago i made a splash waterbottle (no jokes)
  6. If it made a splash water bottle, that means it must have lost its effects when you drink it. Please post a screenshot of it because just saying it in words is not very reassuring.
  7. This is not doable. Zombie Viruses are technically water bottles, and you cannot put gunpowder directly into a water bottle. You must be mistaken when you talk about splash water bottles.
  8. you can add other effects to it as well
  9. >:| Thats not what i said (Splash water bottle) Its just a throwable water bottle duu Ps minecraft isin't working right now...
  10. Never tried this before, but I don't think its possible.
  11. It was possible in 1.7.10 (last time i tryed it...)