Best Miner Ever! :D

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  1. So I'm on SMP3 right now, mining like a miner... I'm just not the best miner ever.. :(

    So I have to write about it :D

    He is not amused.

    Well, here's the story as it happened:
    I am terrible at Minecraft. I got stuck in a block and drowned. So I took IPwnCreeps on a little advent trying to find the place I died, only to find that my items had despawned. Yay for losing nine buckets, right? I had a few chests there, so I figured I could use it as a little base. I walked out my back door and fell down a hole.

    And I almost died. So now here I am, at the bottom of a hole with 2 hearts left. I instantly started nomming on some of my watermelon, but was confronted by a creeper.

    He exploded making that little crater you see in the bottom of the hole, and also exposed a pretty expansive cave system that I would have never found otherwise.

    Now I am in the largest cave I have ever seen (It is rather tall..) and I am not prepared at all. (Best Miner Ever, right?)
    I ran out of torches really fast, so here are my stats:

    But I forged onward and miraculously didn't die immediately! :D But my fortune didn't last. I was literally assaulted by an army of creepers, coming in four waves of three. My Diamond Pickaxe proved a viable weapon, though the internet hates me for misusing a pickaxe.. Oh well :p

    I didn't have any confrontations with Lava, though I guess I shouldn't complain about that :) While all in all it was a rather uneventful trip, I did get a lot of iron!
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  2. It's not nice to laugh at someone's misfortune... but, I lol'd a little :)
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  3. I've wanted to write things detailing my adventures before, this is the only time I have actually done it though. :p
  4. Yupp! And enough obsidian or you to mine :)
  5. Except my pickaxe is gone, remember? :(
  6. Haha, sounds like epic fun Crazy! This is why I love minecraft. :)
  7. I think I'll do more of these after I get around to my Texture Pack Review. :D
  8. You make your own texture packs?
  9. No, I am going to start making Texture Pack Reviews on EMC. Like, reviewing texture packs..
  10. I like the texture pack you were using in screenshots, looks nice and sharp and modern, but a little cartoony as well :)
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  11. It's Sphax PureBDCraft 256x

    It is vector based and meant to be as though you are playing Minecraft in a Comic Book.
  12. Yep, that's exactly how it looks too from those screenshots. Are you planning on making a thread testing various texture packs and providing their details?
  13. Sphax is awesome, I use that.
  14. Yes, I am working on one right now. :D
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  15. Awesome idea, love it :)
    Are the reviews open to suggested texture packs?
    Personally I like ovo's rustic pack and misa's realistic texture pack.
  16. I like Ovo's as well. I am open to reviewing all texture packs anyone ever wanted me to. :)
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  17. I have Misa's tex pack. I really like it. I'll look up Ovo's tex pack :p
    Also the tron pack is pretty awesome, specially when you swap the disc music with tron soundtrack :p
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