Best Minecraft YouTubers

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by d1223m, Feb 17, 2012.

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  2. For MC beginners, PaulSoaresJr seems fairly good. Did a lot of early tutorial stuff.
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  3. Yogscast for all gaming needs!
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  5. Yea Captainsparklez is good
  6. Yogscast (BlueXephos), Jordan (CaptainSparklez), Zack Scott/Scottland players (ZackScottGames), Toby Turner (TobyTurnerGames) :)
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  7. What?! No AntVenom on here? AntVenom, CaptainSparklez, and TobyTurner are my favorite<3
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  8. He taught me how to play minecraft, effectively
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  9. BDoubleO, Guude and Ethos. BDoubleO and Guude have done lots of minecraft videos together and are a good laugh (especially when drunk and discussing '80's movies). Ethos I mostly watch his tutorial videos which are very informative. The three of them are currently playing a super hostile complete the monument (CTM) map together. The map maker, Vechs also has some videos up showing how he achieved some of his famously fiendish traps in his maps.

    Yogscast are getting a bit repetitive now but still watch.

    JoeHills with his southern accent is a delight to listen to.
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  10. paulsoresjr, bluexephos, uberhaxornova, captainsparklez, etc.
  11. I like Antvenom, Yogscast (blueXephos), Captain Sparkles and a moderately funny gamer
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  12. I really love the series with ethos, guude and BdoubleO - its great!
  13. BlueXephos the Yogscast is by far superior.
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