Best Fallout Game?

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  1. So, about a week ago I bought Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 3 came with it. I have played the original Fallout and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

    I love the original Fallout game, but I was never really fond of Tactics. Recently I have been playing Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. I'm love it... but my favourite Fallout game is New Vegas. I love the improved character customization (although it's still lacking in alot of features, which is something I hope is changed in Fallout 4 to be more Skyrim-like).

    So... What's your favourite Fallout game?

    (To keep this thread free of spam, I don't want people replying with "I dunno i've never played it I just thought it would be funneh to do this lolz".)
  2. I've put in around 200 hours in New Vegas and about 50 into Fallout 3. So far I prefer New Vegas.
  3. just start the fall outs and started with vegas about 3 hows in not impressed so far to be honest
  4. I never played the old ones...however, I prefer 3 over New Vegas...but that's not to bash NV as it's a very slight edge. The two FO games I played though are probably my favorites of all time and can't wait for 4 to come out. The level of details in each of the side missions sometimes took as long to complete as a normal individual games today and individually as fun.
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  5. new vegas just didnt sit right with me its wasnt post apocolyptic enough imo. fallout 3 was iconic and had an interesting storyline i wish the wanderer would of been followed up on
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  6. NV was perfect for me in terms of Post-Apoc honestly. It shows that people were "getting over" the whole 'it happened' thing and was trying to start rebuilding and taking advantage of what they could. For those that watch the show "Revolution" they actually had a "New Vegas" in their series premiere.
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  7. its just didnt make any sense to me, if vegas was a budding city as it was and was largely untouched by the nukes why is everyone so dumb? why arent their readable books? why isnt there more nuka cola errywhere the concept confuses me most of all with the fact that there is modern weaponry when there wasnt any at the national guard armory in dc
  8. I've gotta go with FO3 for its storyline, all the things that you can do, and simply for the setting in Post Apocalyptic D.C.

    The only negative thing about it is its aiming-down-sights. I much prefer NV's mechanic, and really wish FO3 would get on steam workshop, maybe somebody could fix this
  9. My favorite fallout game... fallout :D
  10. Season 3 i believe is on now. The season finale for season 2 caught my attention and was a good finale.