Best commercial evar.

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  1. I feel bad for the musician. Yes, the song is good, but look at what they're marketing here.

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  2. Hehehehehe.
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  3. Your good...

  4. Best ever ^ First time I saw it I fell off a chair. Startled the bajeebies outta me.

    The sumo commercial was great.
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  5. I.. Actually meant the title of the thread to be sarcastic, since.. Internet Explorer is horrible, and evil in all ways! ;)
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  6. Well, if it wasent for IE most internet browsers and addons (like java etc) would never have been needed or developed.
  7. Actually I think that commercial - despite the product - Is quite good. It is pretty, well put together, provokes emottion (at least for me), and is clear about the product it is selling. Good song to accompany it. I will not be likely to use IE unless some big changes happen, but kudos to them on the commercial. It makes me consider taking a look at the newer version.
  8. True, but only now after all of this time are they actually seriously trying to improve it? I know I'll never go back from Google Chrome. :D
  9. Bah to your Googles and Internet Explorers :rolleyes: Firefox is the only one in my heart! :p
  10. To each their own. :)
    *Edit* But not Internet Explorer... Never Internet Explorer..
  11. Unless you need to GET FF or GC. THEN use IE, but then you have to delete it right after than :D
  12. ..Yeah.. I don't want to bring up those painful memories. :p
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  13. I live through them every day D: My school basically runs on IE. Thankfully I have FF on my usb XD But it still doesn't change the fact that on days when forget the little bugger, I have to suffer with it :(
  14. what just happened
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  15. No. Just no. This is an awesome commercial.

    And this.