Best casino plugin ever!

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  1. Not sure if this would be a mod or what. But- On to the point.

    If there could be a plugin (much like the other sign uses) that allowed a person to pay rupees to use [blank].

    Over a button: Sign: [ACCESS] | Everyone | 5r | Rollercoaster

    Or something to the effect that would enable people's creations to continue to function, produce rupees, and be used when offline. =D

    Again, not sure which forum this was supposed to go in.
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  2. I think there has been talk of this before would be really nice to have implemented
  3. I figured, but I hadn't seen it so I decided to make the thread just in case.
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  4. It would also be nice to have boats and minecarts non-destructable. It's a pain to set up a rollercoaster and have people bring their own or risk losing your when someone tries to steal it. Even on your res, other people can break your boats and minecarts, at least when I last checked.