Best Build INC.

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  1. Ever wanted your own building VERY well built. Heres the list of premium makes.
    20x20 building up to 5 stories - 1300r ( Every story )
    10x10 chapel - 650r
    3 wide moat doing 1 side of residence - 450r
    Storage house 10x10 - 500r
    Storage house 15x15 - 800r
    storage house 20x20 - 1100r
    For Custom made just give us a picture and we'll make a price for it. visit 1729 to see our 2 projects.
    (church thats very well liked and well made pokeball as asked for by cousin)
  2. Can't wait to see them built
  3. Just need some people to start buying my construction i got 2 ppl tht help me :p