Best Bow Ever: Power V Punch II Infinity I Flame I

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  1. Unused bow with power V, Punch II, Infinity I and Flame I

    Starting bid: 8,000
    Increments: 500
    Auction will end after 24 hours since last bid, I will set up a chest for the winner at my SMP4 lot.
    Buyout price: 65k

    Power V: when fully charged, it can kill a mob in one hit.
    Punch II: same as knockback, it knocks the mob backwards
    Infinity I: infinite bows, you only need one arrow.
    Flame I: lights mobs on fire.

    good luck!
  2. How come nobody bids on this? I've seen the same bow only with power IV get 55k, no one wants to bid on this?
  3. c'mon people, some of you bidded 50k on the same bow only with power 4, no one wants to bid on this? :(
  4. HOLY! that the best bow ive ever seen
    I wish I had a bow like that
  5. I hope this gets more than 25k :(
  6. I really want this bow.… Rupee balance = 4973
  7. bretskii you bidded on a bow (not mine) 55k and you won it, you sure you can afford buying this one?
  8. Dont question his Monetary status, accept the money, it couldn't have cost you more than 1k to build a rig or just hunt.
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  9. yes I can afford it.
  10. WOW. That's A LOT of money for a Bow!
  11. 1 hour left until bretskiii wins!