Best Band Ever?

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  1. Yup, what you think is best band ever? I think HU a.k.a Hollywood Undead is the Best Band EVER!

    What Band is your favourite?
  2. I'm going to have to go with Led Zeppelin on this one, though The Black Crowes rock my world too. Yah, showing mah age on this thread...

    In fact, this is like heaven for little girls like me:
  3. This made me lol. Not in bad way ;)
  4. MetallicA forever!!! <3 <3 <3 <---- Enter Sandman, My Favourite! <---- Master Of Puppets <--------- One <------- Nothing Else matters <----- King Nothing
    That's 5 of my favourites!! =D If you love this band please give me a like, I only need a few more to become Active Member! I think :3
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  5. I have to say that i like those 2 songs REALLY much! But i think HU still wins... ;)
    Btw. Clicked ya Egg!
  6. my chemical romance
  7. Good that you like them, I uploaded 3 more.

    Also thanks for click on my egg. Me gusta.
    *clicks on one of your eggs* EDIT: I listened to the HU song you uploaded. One word: Awesome.
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  8. Okay! And Thanks!
    Btw. I need like 4 more likes to get Active Member! Race that who get's it first?
    Btw2. I liked 2 of your comments. x3
  9. Sure, I would love to race =3.
    But now I need 6 more likes, so it would be a little bit unfair :p EDIT: Now I have 21/25 likes. Let's bet. Winner pays the other 1r? =3