Best apps!?

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  1. Hey,

    Please all make a list of you're favorite apps and show it like
    [Version] iPhone/Android/iPad

    No zombies allowed
    City story [Add me on city story! Name: Highbuddy753 :p
    MyTown 2

    [If you wanna share the apps for SURE, you can gift them in apple store! (Not neccesarey<--- grammar fail]

    i wanna buy a app, Cut The Rope, someone wanna gift me? i'll pay 5k rupees :)
  2. iPad
    Talking News
    Talking Tom
    Talking Ben
    Call Of Mini Zombies
    Cut The Rope
    Auto Rap
  3. Minecraft Pocket Edition.

    Why are you even asking this if you know the answer?
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  4. He just wants someone to gift him an app.
  5. How do you gift someone an app? Does the person would have to pay to gift the app?
  6. Go to the App on the iOS App Store and click "Gift this App." And yes, it does cost money on apps that aren't free.
  7. There is an app called 'Bump' for the iPhone. Basically you open a page, and put a picture into it. Somebody puts an app into their slot and then you bump the phones together and it duplicates the picture and the app.
    So then you keep the app, get the picture, delete it.
    And the person gets the app and keeps the picture.