Best ads!

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  1. So whats the best ad you've seen?
    Just post it to this thread VIA youtube!
    It can be cool, funny or just a random one!
    Here is a few to get started!

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  2. That played FOUR times in a row during the Season premiere of My Little Pony today. All I can remember of the Stream during that time, "GAK GAK GAK".
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  3. I lost it when he sliced the tape with the machete and totally missed tossing it to the bear.

  4. Terry Crew Montage of Old Spice

    and Legend himself Bruce Campbell

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  5. Just wanted to point out the part of this that kept my attention.
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  6. Might not be for all ages :/ Sorry about that
  7. They're some amazing ones, give a sec to find them...
  8. Watch this one first.

    Watch this second
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  9. So apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger is pretty popular in Japan...
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  10. Apparently his/their diet consists of Cup O' Noodles and Energy drinks? Kidding...but wow...
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  11. Well, I think the ad resulted in a meme, actually.
    And I have some good ones, I think.
    This could have been a Super Bowl commercial, don't think it aired though...

    And I got distracted, so, no more ads for now.
  12. Great ads so far! It's fun seeing ads from other countries!
  13. One of the only ad's that have run in more than 50 countries on prime time

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