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  1. Oblivion. Title said it all. Google it.
  2. Google is just a place formulated by other peoples opinions. Oblivion wasn't all that good to me really.
  3. Oblivion got completely bashed by critics. To me, it was pretty good, I believe that the plot was well thought out, yet not executed as well as could have been in the movie. If they changed up some parts, and made it a little faster through the entirety of the movie, I believe that it could have done very well.
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  4. You misspelled Friday the 13th part II. It's ok, it's ok. We all make mistakes.
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  5. I like that you tried to correct his spelling and still misspelled it. How ironic. It is actually spelled 'Let Me In'.
  6. Fast and Furious 6 is the best movie out there.
  7. I think determining the best movie ever is impossible, it's all based on opinion >_<
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  8. Yes, but my opinions are facts.
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  9. Well. There are lots of great movies. Like Star Wars and others :)
  10. All opinions are fact.
  11. It's hard to say whats the best movie ever because their are multiple top movies out there going back 1930s. It's all about what individuals preferences are. Someone might say "Dazed & Confused is one best movies out there" while another person might say " It's a crappy movie compared to Pulp Fiction." It's all what you like to watch not other peoples opinions.
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  12. ...So what I said... but longer .-.
  13. No, it's called Barney's Great Adventure. >.< n00b
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  14. I still think "Aliens" is good.
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  15. Any1 seen pacific rim? :eek: ITS AWESOME!
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  16. Wow, everyone is on a mis-spelling spree today.
    Let me correct it for you: Skyfall
  17. clearly none of you have seen white house down
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  18. personally the best movie I've ever seen is "godzilla vs Mothra" or possibly "godzilla vs space godzilla II" I don't believe it's possible to make a better movie
  19. The Ring, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, 300, White House Down, Madea ( All movies ).
    Underworld, 2012, Resident Evil, Unstoppable, Mission Impossible, Salt, Safe, Transporter.

    I could go on and on about these. Those are just some of my favourites. :)
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