Benny'ys Writing commission/ How to write!

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  1. Hello all! this is Benny's Writing commissions/ Learn to write with Benny!

    Just some intel!
    Writing is my fa·vor·ite class and so - so Hobby! And i hope to share my passion if Emc!

    With further ado......
    lets start. So everyone properly learnt this in school.. lets just recap - there is 4 types of writing (2 easy - 2 hard) the first two are fictional and non - fictional. Fictional Means non- real (fake) and for that means non fiction is non - fake (real). Fiction is used for story telling or maybe fiction in movies. Non fiction is used in occasally real books. But is doesn't mean full real, it could for example have real char·ac·ters

    But the story didn't happen in real life. next part is the other 2 types of writing which are Journalism and Describtional. Journalism is like your write a super non fictional story or simply write for the newspaper. Journalism can't be fake, well then it would be called fake news. Journalism isn't just copying a story onto a news paper, its kinda writing a actual story based on a conspiracy or event or a tragedy. (person, place of thing) Like in this Im writing about how to write, so for example - the 3 main things in a event are setting, people and actually what happened. you could say other details but those are the 3 main things! so how example, a person saves a cat in Los angeles (all random) so you ould start by thelling them a good hook ( wait wait wait, Benny? what's a hook you ask, well a Hook is how you get your readers attention like) A hero, like no other. That will be a title, a title can also be a hook. the n the first sentence will be : a hero Who loves cats... he saved a cat out o a burins fire, a man with a true heart. and then the story willl begin next Part will be soon! if you have any commissions just pm me. for free!