Bemvino87's Books! (Enchanted Book service)

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  1. Bemvino87's Books! (Enchanted Book service)
    Hey guys! I have started a little chain book shop. I currently sell a handful of books on SMP9 and soon SMP1.

    SMP1 Store: Residence 2008 - Closed for renovation

    SMP9 Store: Residence 18926, can now be reached by typing /v +BB

    Current Catalog (Crossed out items are out of stock)

    Unbreaking III is special, as it can be applied to all of these. Unbreaking III books are 1500r each. Currently VERY low on stock for these. Made to order. If you need some, please contact me in game or post below.

    Pickaxe Enchantments
    - Silk Touch I - 450r
    - Efficiency V - 1500r - On sale this week for 1300r!
    - Fortune III - 1200r

    Sword Enchantments
    - Sharpness V - 1200r
    - Smite V - 900r
    - Bane of Arthropods - 400r
    - Fire Aspect II - 600r
    - Looting 3 - 1100r
    - Knockback 2 - 300r

    Bow Enchantments
    - Power V - 1400r
    - Infinity I - 450r
    - Flame I - 450r
    - Punch II - 400r

    Armor Enchantments
    - Protection IV - 1400r
    - Fire Protection IV - 600r
    - Blast Protection IV - 600r
    - Projectile Protection IV - 600r
    - Feather Falling IV - 800r
    - Respiration III - 600r
    - Aqua Affinity I - 400r

    (More coming soon! I will try to add at LEAST 1 more variety of book each week.)

    In the next few days/weeks I will expand to more servers and offer more variety of enchantments.
    For any bulk orders (SC or DC quantities), please post in this thread using the following form or contact me in game. Bulk prices may be slightly discounted.

    -- Bulk Ordering Form --
    Please allow me a day or two to complete orders. Sometimes I am busy. If I get too many orders I will either stop accepting them temporarily to work off the backlog or add an estimated wait time.

    Total number of items (SC or DC, even multiple DC)

    Total price of items
    Pickup/delivery (if delivery, where?)

    }Priority Ordering{ For an additional 5000r I can put your order at the top of my list. Y/N
    Tip? If you are feeling generous :)
    Grand Total: Combines Priority Ordering, base price and tips if any. Feel free to leave this out if no priority order/tips.

    Example of complete form:

    Items: 1 DC of Unbreaking 3 books
    Total price: 81,000r
    Delivery to 18926

    Priority Ordering: Yes
    Tip: 1000r
    Grand Total: 87,000r
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  2. Bump! SMP9 location added. Could a moderator please change this thread name to "[Business] Bemvino87's Books"? Thanks.

    Currently out of Unbreaking 3. Silk touch and more Unbreaking will be added in a few hours. :D
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  3. Bump! Restocked Unbreaking 3 at 18926, will be refilling Silk at both locations as well as Unbreaking 3 on SMP1 in a few minutes.
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  4. *not a bump*
    Both locations now decently stocked. :) I may be adding more later tonight, certainly tomorrow.
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  5. Good news and bad news!
    Bad news: Unbreaking 3 is going to be in short supply for a while
    Good news: Adding Efficiency 5 and Lure 3 to the catalog today!
    (still waiting on the thread name change :3)
  6. Added over a SC of Efficiency V at 18926. 2008 is going to be undergoing a bit of renovation and actually going to have a shop built on it. So 18926 is going to have most of my stock for a bit. Also added Exp Bottles for 25r each. Lure is still coming later, and maybe if ya'll are really good and buy lots I can get Protection 4 up today as well! :D
  7. Bump. Lure III is now for sale, and Eff V is pretty well stocked already!
  8. Added a refined bulk order process and Protection IV!
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  9. Bump. OP received an absolutely MASSIVE update. Now selling a much larger variety of books. Shop revamped and reorganized at 18926. 2008 is going to be a bit longer, I want to build up some stock before I really open there.
    Most items at 18926 should be decently stocked, some will be a tad low for a day or two.
  10. Bump. Adding Exp Potions later today. Still have good stock on most items :)
  11. Bump. Really, thread name is currently a bit misleading, I would highly appreciate it if a moderator could change it.
  12. Bump. Thanks for the thread name change :)
    Restocked a bit on Unbreaking 3 books. Protection IV may be a little bit low for a few days. Still working on all the other books as well :D
  13. Bump. Been a few days since I added stock; I'm working on restocking right now! So check back in an hour or so and most books should be stocked. Protection IV will be in short supply for a time. Unbreaking III still made to order, but I have a few in reserve.
  14. I'll take 4 unb III books, delivered to my res on SMP 1
  15. Delivered via Mail. Please pay when you have a chance :) Total comes out to 6000r.
  16. 3 Unb III Books
    Mail it to me please, and I'll pay you then. ^.^

    Order completed. Thanks a ton! :D
  17. I should rename this to Todd_Vinton's Personal Bookstore xP
    I will likely be low on stock in the next few days, juggling 2 other businesses in-game and an extra special amount of homework to boot.
    My focus has shifted to other things recently, but I promise I will be doing some more villager trading in the near future, store might also get (another) revamp! SMP1 location is still on hold for now.
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