[Being Nosy] Any one else

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  1. Has anyone else been nosy in police departments and listen to them
    edit: on the radio
    Sorry... there was an all dispatch... Me nosy :p
  2. Because normal people do this.
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  3. Out of respect for their privacy I would do no such thing. Yet I would believe there are laws against doing something like that.
  4. nope you can even talk on it... just only if there is an emergency
  5. There are app's for android and probably apple, that let you listen to lots of police/fire stations all around the world.
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  6. Yeah, lots of people in my hometown and the area around there have "Police Scanners" All you have to do is get the codes and program them in for the department you want and you can hear. Ours always had Dispatch, Police, EMS, Fire and Rescue because my dad worked at our City Maintenance/Street Dept. and was always on call pretty much if they needed a snow plow, a tree blocked the road, there was an accident and they needed the street sweeper.
  7. Before he editted I thought he was actually eavesdropping.
  8. I listened to a few police/fire departments when hurricane sandy hit.
  9. oh... lol
    Im listening to Vegas right now... Will be going down there in 2-4 weeks
  10. Whats an Apple app?