Being Level 100

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  1. Hi all!
    I recently became level 100 in minecraft for fun. What should I do?
  2. Do 2x level 50.... And yeah, how many time did it took you to become level 100?
  3. Congrats!!!:) How long Did it take u to do that?
  4. Enchant wooden picks with it.
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  5. Yea, they sell for CRAZY prices. :)
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  6. Like a 100k for eff. I
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  7. No no no. Selling them would be doing it wrong. Going beyond level 50 is wasteful of XP and time, so I suggested the least useful way I could think of to spend the XP. To finish up, you wouldn't sell the picks. You'd use them to do something even more extravagant. Maybe destroy diamond ore with them.
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  8. Enchant a 100 wooden pickaxes with it
  9. LOL. I think it took about 1 and a half day grinding to get that
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  10. I thought level 50 was the max... Diamond picks is what you should use for them.
  11. You can get to level 1000 if you want, and if you got the time xD
  12. I've heard you can get to level 9999....
  13. 9999!!!!
    you would half to kill like 10000 ender dragons for that!!!
  14. That's over 9000!
  15. mhm....
  16. Hmm should i go for level 1000?
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  17. Right now there is no level cap for the xp, (world edit xp orb drop and alot of time to figure that out), But i would say do two diamond picks and donate them to me :D
  18. Or wooden hoes. :p
  19. Id do 3 level 25-35 but thats just me ;)
  20. That's the idea! Then mine diamond ores with them. Or maybe use them to make charcoal.