Being 'Ban' for the 1st mistake took forever?

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The 1st mistake you make will be forever being look down?

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  1. If we got ban for the 1st mistake, will we be unban like 2 days later? As well, if we made our 1st mistake, admins should give us a warning by 'kick' but not ban. I know I am being 'bad' for trying to push AFK guy into lava, but I think that there is no reason for banning me from the server... I really like this server.. I am sorry >.< Forgive me :(
  2. The majority of the time we do give warnings when players are doing something inappropriate. Pushing someone into lava does not merit a warning before banishment. You don't even claim it was an accident or it was self-defence, which tells me you dont regret what you done and would likely do it again.
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  3. Anyone who is a complete jerk to people like that gets no warning and will be banned permanently in most cases.

    You are expected to conduct yourself with respect and consideration for others. This goes for everyone who plays here. The rules make that abundantly clear, and it's also common conduct for anyone who is remotely socially competent.

    Anyone who wants to be a jerk can go play a single player game and do mean things to the NPCs... they won't mind.

    It won't be tolerated here.
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