Being able to buy and use items in other smp servers.

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  1. I think they should make us be able to use and buy items in other smp servers. I do know it's hard to do that but if they could keep an online track on the website for the items in your inventory.People would be then more able to sell things and the economy would grow bigger.
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  2. This is already implemented: /vault
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  3. oh oke thanks
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  4. oh yeah thanks, but i don't actually need that cuz i'm banned but still thanks for helping.
  5. ......
    So why did you ask about this?
  6. Lol ikr
  7. i don't know i'm just borred so i decided to help this server out. LOL.....
  8. Have you tried to appeal? Contact the moderator/staff who banned you through a private message :)
  9. yes, they said i got banned for flying. that's true and i due regret it now. :(
  10. The question or suggestion has been answered. Please don't start arguing on this thread or i will close it.
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  11. uhmmm, where not arguing.
  12. Not you, their is player trying to encourage it
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  13. who? do you mean southpark347?
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  14. No but read past replys and you can tell who is
  15. Do you have something to do for me on this server?
  16. Nope, I am not the mod handling your case and not best to discuss it to the public forums
  17. no, you dont need to handle my case because it's done. but i still want to help the server, because im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored.
  18. If you mean me asking a valid question, I wasn't arguing,.