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  1. I'm getting tired of using my piece of crap dell inspiron 15 for playing all of my games. Recently i asked for help from avast support for something and it ended up permanently destroying my keyboard, tracpad and permanently putting my computer in safe mode(was able to fix). I have had to use the on-screen keyboard and my touch mouse. It has just became unbearable to use so i went to my parents and asked them for help. They said that they would be able to finance a 2k computer as long as me and my bro will build it. We both thought that it was to good to pass up so we made a deal. My mom and dad should be able to buy the first part soon. I would like you guys to give me your judgment on it please. Obviously i am going to be calling it red death because its theme will be red. My hand is about to explode with pain because i am forced to use the on-screen keyboard. Here it is:
  2. Does the video card support crossfire?
  3. If you mean SLI then yes.
    I do plan to SLI in the future.
  4. My Friend sully (sullysxx)

    Got a 690 from his grand parents for no reason.

    I've been jelly ever since.
  5. OHHH YEA!
    Well I have my intel HD4000...
    ...don't worry I'm used to people being jelly of it!
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  7. Grovy!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Change the 670 with a 7970, 7970 beat's even a GTX 680 and is cheaper.

    EDIT: Also, Please put an SSD in this $2000 sytem!
  9. I thought about that however with Radeon you can only have 2 video cards, I am planning on having at least 3. Plus the motherboard has 4 slots.
    EDIT:3 slots
  10. Are you sure a liquid cooling system is a good idea? They are more for advanced users, and a mishap could end poorly for your components.
    Edit: Never mind.
  11. Dont worry:p. I will be getting help from my cousin (who has made 5 liquid cooling PC's) with the cooling.
  12. Incorrect, the 7970 is 4 way crossfire, it's the highest end one AMD have - Lower end ones (7870) at 2 way

    CrossFire Support 4-way CrossFire
  13. The H90 is an extremely easy system, you install one end to the case and one end to the CPU, You never even see the liquid, it'd a closed loop + It's non conductive, meaning if it god forbid get on the components it won't damage them.