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  1. this is in reference to the spam posted by him on smp2 earlier so that he may be banned

    just doing my part to keep the empire running at full speed
    2012-01-11_15.32.12.png 2012-01-11_15.32.19.png 2012-01-11_15.35.44.png 2012-01-11_15.37.05.png 2012-01-11_15.45.57.png
  2. also forgot to mention this occured today between 330 and 345 eastern time
  3. This isn't the proper way to go about reporting somebody, next time start a conversation with a moderator. :)

    Appropriate action will be taken against Beestly27.
  4. gamekribjim told me to send him screenshots and i couldnt figure out how to send them directly to him
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.