Been playing on the server for a week or so now

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by tuskgarr, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. I thought it was time I said Hi. I really enjoy playing on the server and am enjoying the rupee system a lot, although my trips out to the wilderness have been less than fruitful in producing anything useful....
  2. Hi, hope you're enjoying yourself here. Sorry to hear about that. My advice would be to go prepared, do it quickly and always know your way back home in case of emergency. If in doubt, know your way out.
  3. have some luck :D
  4. Great to know you! As Malicaii said: Go out prepared!

  5. Welcome aboard tuskgarr. As others have said, going prepared is the key. Although I tend to go prepared for one thing and then come across something that I didn't expect. Thats when I usually lose my stuff, rage a little bit and then smile as minecraft wins again!
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  6. **Smiles to self** ''Minecraft wins again'' Lol
  7. Godd luck young one LOL
    Yoda FTW
  8. If it was Yoda speaking, he would say it like this: "Luck good, Young one". But nice one for bringing it up! :D