Been here a while!

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  1. Hello, my name is Andrew and I share this account (Irbobdum) with my son.

    We have been on here 2 years! If I am out in the wild or chatting about shop things on smp3 it's probably me. If I am building something neat on my res (7438) that involves redstone, it is probably my son. Hope that's not too confusing. :p

    I started playing on here when user BrandonAbe recommended Empire to us, who is now in the Coast Guard. EMC is great, and although it has changed a lot since we joined, it continues to be fun and a good community.

    I love the survival aspect and have done lots of exploring. I also like to help new members and be generous. There were several people who did the same for us. Come drop in sometime at 7438 and see you around!
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  2. I do remember the first day that I joined. Gave me a job and took me mining.. you even gave me all of the diamonds that we found! (I thought 5 diamonds was a big deal back then) :)

    Welcome to the forums :p
  3. I do what I can when I can ;) Glad you are having fun on here!
  4. Welcome to the forums, and a very late welcome to the Empire :p
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