Been away for a long long time, heard stuff changed

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  1. Hey guys,

    I think a lot of old people remember me, I logged on a couple of months ago and people told me I am some kind of "legend"? Well, to first clear stuff out of the way, I am not coming back "yet".
    Why not? You may ask. Well, I'm very busy atm and haven't played Minecraft in a super long time. But when I left I said I would come back one day, and I always keep my words. But what I can promise is that I will be roaming the forums a bit more again and catching up to slowly get back into EMC.

    Well, I have a long history here on EMC. Many people know me from that one shop in SMP7 when it was the "new" server, 14141 if I recall correctly, oh yeah I also owned that big ass tower next to the shop. Well, when I came on the servers a couple of months ago I found out that our shop has been replaced with some other shop :( I would pay like 50$ to get a final look at our shop.
    So, I havent spoken with BeLugh in a long time since we parted our ways when we both kinda quit MC.
    Something else me and BeLugh did was make the amazing Pyramid of challenges in SMP7, it only took the first person 2 days to finish it! It took us about a month to build it tho :)

    So when I logged on again a couple of months ago someone told me there were like "books" written about us, or something. Well, if anyone can enlighten me on that it would be great :D

    I have to say, that whenever I look at the forums and search for my name I see so many threads pop up with all random stuff. Thats amazing to see and kinda why I want to get back on the forums

    Well, thats about all the stuff I had to say right now, I hope to get in touch with some old school members again :)
  2. OMG Hi! Missed you! You are a legend of smp7 at least. :p
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  3. I remember you and Belugh from back in the old days of smp7. Was sad to see 14141, your awesome tower, and more recently that maddening but brilliant pyramid get reset. Lot's of memories from all of those places. Glad to see you sorta-back even if I don't think I've ever actually spoken to you. Anyways, welcome and enjoy discovering all the changes that have happened :)
  4. Wait.... did the pyramid get reset? o.0
    Nooooo :( That was the last bit of history left on EMC
  5. you want pyramids eh? well may i introduce smp9!?!
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  6. I want my pyramid :( With 1-2 months of work put into it, oh and about 600K rupees.
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  7. Well, I might suggest keeping an eye on 14141, as it is about to go derelict. ;)
  8. I remember finding you guys blaze grinder on smp9 wayyy back. It got griefed a month or so later though :(
  9. We had many grinders/spawners :) About 4 Slime farms or something
  10. Hey Dreamy!

    Yeah things have changed, as you can see, from Bosses to Force claiming reses, to heads, PVP, list goes on. :)
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  11. Well lets not say force claim res is anything changed, EMC has had that for 2 years =P
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  12. Hehe Aikar I remember you being a Senior Moderator back in the days :) Worked your way up I see
  13. *doesn't remember much from my noob days when I had just started so never saw a senior staff aikar* anyway never heard of you but glad to see an older member has returned... Lost a lot of them... From Cordial_Pie to umm... ZellieB :(
  14. Dreamy remember LZBZ_DW? Monster_? Melodytune? mogrimoogle? some other oldd old smp7ers :p
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  15. LZ hasn't been on in a while, Monster_ still gets on from time to time I think, Mogri I haven't seen in forever, Melody was permabanned last I saw. As far as those still on 7 there's Me, Brit, Pab10s and maybe a few others that I don't remember.
  16. Ive been on smp7 and my two year is in may. :( am I not old? MoeMacZap is also an old smp7 guy that i just thought of :p (still active)
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  17. You are :p My mind is just in a bunch of different directions atm so I can't think. Also when I have to think about things, I usually forget. "What are your favorite movies?" *brain goes blank* "...Um.."
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  18. If cube151 is leaving then I see that being the case. Cube logged in yesterday, so there are still 28 days till derelict.
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  19. First off, welcome back although I don't remember you (I was always on snmp1)
    While we are naming old players that are no longer with us, anyone remember sillywhitemage? That is one of the few names that I always remember and how she would claim to be an ai at times.
  20. Cube151 isn't leaving anytime soon but wouldn't hurt to message him.

    Man, haven't seen some of them in ages