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  1. If it is impossible to respawn in a bed with blocks directly above them, then it should be impossible to place them in the first place if you cannot respawn there. I was at -105k x 105k out in the frontier and tried to sleep in a different location only about 1k away from a previous bed spawn location set, when I began to suffocate upon trying to leave the bed. Then it told me the bed spawn was obstructed and I could not respawn there. I should not have even been able to enter the bed if it were obstructed, and think this is something of GREAT importance to prevent future issues like this. I am really upset that I must waste a half a day to walk back out to my outpost. The only help I received from moderators was do /map. I did navigate that far out, I think I am aware of the map. I was happy to have this day off, but didn't expect to spend it like this :(
  2. Unfortunately, this is just a default game mechanic and the only thing to do about it is to take an extra precaution. Also, suggestions go in the 'suggestion' box area of the forums.