Bed's in the nether?!?

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  1. So while talking with a mod today i was asked a question " Why do you even have a bed in the nether, didn't you know they explode"

    While just to inform the people that may or may not know. Yes you can have a bed in the nether if you know how to do it properly.

    Locking a chest beside you bed can prevent it from blowing up and having it surrounded by materials can some time prevent it also but not always.

    Attempt to call me a lair all you wish. All i can say is YES I DO SLEEP IN THE NETHER
  2. You're a diamond supporter. It's one of your perks to be able to do that.
    I can't believe how many people don't realize that.:confused:
  3. was doing it long b4 diamonds supporter, even if it is a perk.
  4. Were you an iron supporter? It's a perk to every1 except regs, like li'l' ol' me.
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  5. no ths was b4 any stage of supporter for myself, where does it state this perk since you mentioned it ive been trying to find the listing for it
  6. Well then, I say you have hax or sumthin like that.
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  7. nope just always had it set up to a lock chest nvr blew up for me but this is also a deatil i have never shared untill today so as for other idk, i think i shall test it on a alt
  8. Oh. You mean you locked the bed. THAT makes a LOT more sense.
    *Feels no need to continue conversation.
    Unwatches thread.*
  9. Its a side effect of the supporter "set spawn in day". As you never actually get in and sleep in the bed, it doesn't explode. :)
  10. Thank you jack

    on a side note just tried on an alt account and it blew

    so im wondering why this didn't happen long ago befor i was a supporter
  11. So tired of this line, even if it is meant as a joke. Why is it people are so quick to yell "HAXX ERMAGERD HE R HAXXORING HURHURURHU!"?

    He explained it right in his first post, I'll even clean it up since his keyboard is a jerk (he admitted this in chat to iSMOOCH, not me making fun of his typos):
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  12. If your a supporter beds exploding in the Nether is completely irrelevant as you simply set your spawn there, you don't actually sleep in the bed...
  13. The bed is just a way to get out of the nether, they dont explode, right??.... ;)
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  14. They're instant town. You put them,sleep on them and pew pew you're in spawn!
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  15. yes i did and my spelling/grammar is not the best and my keyboard doesn't help at all
  16. Guys guys guys the trick to nether sleeping is once you are at your base, build a portal, create a secure room on the overworld, and them put the bed there!
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  17. Yeah! Who needs /town when your in the nether anymore?
  18. I'm all tempted to try, spend the rupees in the locked chest and put my life in risk to see if it is possible. But if someone wants to do it before please post the results soon! XD
  19. I really don't wanna try this.
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  20. i did with a alt account

    i did blowwwwwed up

    must of been a pure luck when i had done it on this account a long time ago