bedrock to new sky limit

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  1. please donate any wood or planks to res 911 on smp1. Im planning on making a HUGE tower from bedrock to the new sky limit as on 1.2.3 minecraft update. any donations will be helpful. thank you :p
  2. Try posting this in the Community Marketplace area and deleting it out of here, it doesn't look like it's getting much attention -- it's not really a technical support or in-game type of user help, just donations and such. You're far more likely to find some people to help you in the other area of the forums =) Good luck with it!
  3. Hello, 911. MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE! :3 I might donate.
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  4. whats your res number ill be right there. and thanks :p
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  5. u cant edit or delete a thread or a thread title i think only a s mod or an admin can change it
  6. recently made a giant jungle tree from below bedrock to the height limit on smp4