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  1. For everybody dont forget to place a bed and sleep in it.

    But thats not the question, the question is what happens if your bed disaapears.
    Destroyed , grieved etc. And there are other beds in the area.

    Do you go back to start without 200 money :) (back to spawn)
    Or is the engine smart enough to find a bed nearby and use that ?
  2. If your bed gets destroyed you will spawn back at waste spawn if in waste, or wild spawn if in wild =)
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  3. As far as basic MC goes, if the bed you slept in is no longer around, or has been moved and replaced, you'll be transported back to the original spawn area of that world, which in EMC's case would be the base-wild outpost. I think and stuff.
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  4. Go back to the start, do not collect 200.

    If your bed is broken by any means (even if it's placed back again, doesn't matter), your spawn point is reset. And when you die you will respawn at the previous default spawn point (which is usually at an outpost/spawn).

    For that reason:
    1. Place your bed in a protected, lit room where it won't get broken.
    2. Do not EVER break a bed you find in the Wilderness, you may be permabanned. As it is not so much about breaking something someone built, but more about resetting someone's spawn that they rely on.
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