Bed rock to sky 60 by 60 parkour tower

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Does this sound like a good idea?

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  1. Hey. Doomauculas here saying I'm working on a project thats has to do with my ENTIRE res. I'm making a parkour tower that includes:

    I'm asking for anyone who would like to help me in completing this task, but sadly im very poor so everything you do will be volunteer work. But on the upper hand it will be open 24/7 and everyone will be able to use it.

    It would be amazing if a bunch of people could help and I would be completely thankful for everyone who has already and may in the future.

    The things i need done are pretty simple for the time being.
    1. I need the entire res dug out completely.
    2. I need to finish the final wall of the tower.
    3. Clear everything I have on the current ground floor of my res.
    4. And I need to start thinking about more puzzles to add.

    Sorry 206Pillow but your parkour shall and will be bested :p
  2. feel free to reply if you are willing to help
  3. Im willing to help. I have nothing better to do.
  4. You should fix that. Was it thinking of the puzzles, or thinking of how the puzzles will be?
  5. Fixed that and bump
  6. Ok, how can I help?
  7. I'll help some. I can contribute some blocks if you would like.
  8. Right now I'm using all the dirt I have used from digging up my res. but the fancier the better :p
  9. This has been done on EMC, but new ones will be nice.
  10. Awesome thanks

    Silver would you like to help dig when I'm on again?
  11. No dirt. Dirt is ugly. I can get you some stone.
  12. Sure, ill help dig.
  13. Awesome thanks silver.

    Kman thanks for getting stone. Ill change whatever I can to make the tower more appealing to the eyes :p
  14. bump number 2