becon obbsesed

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  1. i saw someone one obbsesing over my new becon yesterday ;)
  2. lol They are amazing! Congrats on getting it! I only got mine last week or something I go and look at it everday lol :p
  3. whats a becon in mc?
  4. I have had a beacon for a while; I got mine pretty early after they were added. I did pay 38k for mine though, I wish that I would have waited until the price drop.
  5. XD i never knew you took a pic of me trying to steal your beacon XD

    it kept saying i needed use perm :mad:

    P.S. I wasnt really trying to steal it XD
  6. I just got 2 beacons for 40k. :p
  7. deal!
    i got mine right when they first came out so i paid about 25 r each, but since i usually dont buy things i had plenty to buy 2 and i had tons of iron from a previous buy.
    now my smp8 res has jump 2 and speed 2 :D
  8. how much would it cost to have someone make a becon on my res at smp8?
  9. Beacons are not hard to make. I don't think anyone has a beacon making service.
  10. i wouldnt know how to make one or get the materials so i was hoping to hire someone who would do it all :-p
  11. Maybe 30-40K if they get the materials.
  12. i only got 5000 :(
  13. In that case, my res (just the first room) is worth about. *calculates* :eek: 300k!
  14. i think you should liquidate your assets and pass some money on to me ... for savings reasons of course :D
  15. why do you own 9 beacons on one res :eek:
  16. I keep reading this as bacon obsessed....
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  17. thats what i thought it said when i first read it :)
  18. My pattern with beacons are:
    Buy -> Sell -> Buy -> Sell....
    I just cant find anywhere to put them on my res :/