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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MissKells, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Hey i was just wondering, if pay to be a diamond supporter for a month and claim res's after the month is up do i loose my res's? :(
  2. No,If you buy Diamond,Get 4 residences,and then go back to normal you will still keep all of your 4 res.
  3. This is true for now, but prob will not be true forever :)
  4. Ok. Thanks ! ill try and keep up on paying for diamond :)
  5. Will this happen too for Gold, cause I cancelled to pay rent for the month.
  6. So i don't get to keep the number of res's i get for 10 dollars but she gets to keep the number of res's she gets for 20?
  7. cheap rent? only 10 bucks o.0 haha troll fail...(me)
  8. It was more than 10 bucks...which is why i couldn't pay....Nah, i just bought a new video game from gamestop and didn't have enough cash left.
  9. If you tell me where rent is $10 I will quit work, pack my things, move and work on EMC full time ;)
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  10. Hope to see you with us :) And yes I think you loose your res. -_- justin are they right ?
  11. The rent was more than 10 dollars which is why i couldn't pay, i never said it was exactly 10
  12. but I will loose all my second stuff :/ could you make it so future people who do it will loose it? because I know Crazy1080 will loose some hard work :/
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  13. Yeah just keep it as is please it is more appealing to becoming a supporter because you know your work is safe!