Becoming a Money Supporter

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by zanderboy, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Hey, I was wondering if there was any other way I could become a diamond supporter without using Paypal, I can not get it to work, and I have sent emails to them, but non of their solutions have worked.
  2. We don't have another way at the moment, but I can look into it :)

    What would anyone recommend? I just picked papal because it was the easiest for international transactions.
  3. I don't really think there's any better option than PayPal. I guess you could always insert a standard payment form with a large PayPal button to go to instead.
  4. direct payment with CCor Debit card ? or is that too "risky"
  5. a money order .....lmao
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  6. I can see it now, Justin receiving checks written in crayon, signed with the names: "Username's Mom".
  7. a money order? lololololol i still say direct Credit Card or debit card payment could work.....not a security guru but it would be the only way i would be able to do so unless paypal decided to like me lol :/
  8. The problem with direct payments is I would have to get an SSL certificate, go through a compliance process, having a billing person that can manage customer service, build the tools on the site to manage your subscription, etc.

    However I could look into adding another third party like Google Checkout (although I hear they charge an enormous amount for international transactions).

    Zanderboy, what is the issue you are having with Paypal?
  9. oh i forgot about certification nevermind then lol
  10. Every time I try to use paypal, it says it could not authorize the transaction, and requests that I choose a different payment option. The only other one I have other than my prepaid visa, is my bank account, but I don't want to take the risk.
  11. zander you do know that paypal is minimal risk so long as you set it up securely aswell as your bank account being setup securely helps out aswell
  12. Well, I will try putting my bank account on.
  13. That's how I have it zander, I've never had an issue with it either.
  14. I also use it with my bank account, and have for years :)
  15. We could donate shoes and socks.
  16. Uhhhh, I hate being 14 some times. i don't have the necessary info to put my bank account in, and my parents won't give me the info because they don't trust paypal. thanks for the help everyone, but I am not going to try and get the supporter subscription anymore. If in the future you can come up with another way Justin, I will gladly get it, but until then I will need to wait. thanks again guys/girls.