Becoming a Gold member.

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  1. I have wanted to become a gold member for a while, and now I will be, but I have a few questions. The first question is about the 10 dollar a month thing. I am 13, so my mom is in control of the money, so, I was wondering if there was a way to only pay once, since my mom doesn't want 10 dollars to keep coming out from her account every month. The way I heard you could avoid that is to cancel it. That brings me on to my second (and last) question. When I cancel it, but I have a second residence, do I loose that residence?
    Thanks, 8comimi
  2. The answers will come in this fashion:
    1: You can cancel it right after you buy it.
    2: ATM you will keep it, they are thinking about deleting the res's after the supportership is caneled, or so i think.
  3. Thanks jrlizard for the info. For my sake though, I hope we can keep out 2nd residence. Again, thanks.
  4. One more question, how do you cancel it?
  5. After you buy the subsciption, go to the upgrades page and there is a button that says cancel supportership.
  6. When you sign up using Paypal you get an email stating you signed up. When you cancel you also get an email saying it's cancelled. It's really easy to do.
  7. Okay, well thanks to both of you!
  8. Just got gold myself! Good for you buddy!
  9. Just got gold as well. Although this is definitely the wrong place for this thread. :p