Become An AG!!!

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  1. Hello EMC Community! Im here to tell YOU how you can become and AG! (Anti Griefer) One thing you can do, is hide your creations! (or just dont build in wild, lol :p ) Making them deep underground or High in the sky works well :) Also, If you see a demolished house that looks griefed, Repair it! Repairing griefed houses will make people happy, and its basically like rolling back griefing :) If you have additional anti grieifng tips, feel free to post them here! Help stop griefing in the EMC community :)
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  2. tips:
    1. find a biome (etc) desert, plains or snow and then put whatever biome u are in on top of it in a snow biome dont worry it will snow over; this will stop people from seeing it on the llive map.
    2. if its underground, make it compact there is much less chance of someone mining and accidently finding it.
    3.make it very deep there is much less chance of greifers deciding to go very deep wild to find some dirt house when its actually a massive mine shaaft with lots of non locked chests.
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  3. Great tips :)
  4. thx
  5. No matter how it was meant, it was meant to be rude. Your account has been noted, tclementi1. Any future situations like this will result in a game and site ban. No futher discussion on this matter please in this thread, I've deleted the posts to clean it up.
  6. What matter is Jermey referring to? Oh well trolls gonna troll. But ya to stop griefers go as far away from spawn as possible as griefers are notoriously lazy, put a roof over it that matches the surrounding environment to hide on the live map, use /map hide if you are a supporter, or just build on your lot :D
  7. thats what i said
  8. I just found another tip, Nether! Building in the nether will reduce griefing, as long as ur far from spawn :)