Because i haven't uploaded...

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  1. Since i haven't uploaded on my youtube channel, i'll be doing a 6-8 HOUR LIVESTREAM with much fun! :D
    Yes, i know these livestreams are not far apart, but this is not a charity livestream, just a "Sorry c:" for not uploading for a while :p
    I will be playing: (In Order):
    • Vanish
    • Vapor
    • Ghoul's forest (MASSIVE jumpscares)
    • MINECRAFT!!!1!!111 (Yes, i'll be playing minecraft after ALL THIS TIME)
    • A game of y'alls choice! (I will NOT spend any money WHAT SO EVER)
    So come join me monday, September 2, (AKA Labor day), at 10am for a livestream of AWESOMENESS! :D

    View livestream here:
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  2. Transformice, or TF2 :D
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  3. You'll have to suggest games in the comments on monday :D
  4. Ohhhhhhh.... :D
    *sets up own XSplit*
  5. I'll try to watch, that is, if I'm allowed on the computer then :rolleyes:

    Would you be willing to download a game if I suggest one that you like?

    And it's free, too. :)
  6. Slender could it be or ghost squadron of tom clancy, and you can play multiplayer with me as part of my clan :D
  7. how about a game called NEStalgia its free and kinda old school rpg style of gameplay
  8. League of legends you better
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  9. I have some extra humble bundle codes... ;)
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  10. watcha got left? :p :p
  11. Ill take one :p
  12. I was talking to jtc0999 ( I'll redeem some codes and give the extras away, but one for jtc0999)
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  13. Yay. (Please dont pick mirros edge!) :p
  14. Make a thread about it! Or sell them for rupees! :D I'll buy some if they're under 20k total :D
    Or better yet, give them all to me! ;) (That winky face is meant to be seen)
  15. I'm taking it (I love it!!! [I never tried it])
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  16. Well, i did buy that humble bundle, so if your offering me one of those games, (Dead space, MOH, mirror's edge, ect.) Keep em, i have them already xD

    If it's free, of course!
  17. Yay! Should I post it here, PM it to you, or wait until you livestream? I wouldn't recommend the latter as it's a few GB (exactly 4.4 GB) so it'll take a while to download ;)
  18. Play League of Legends!!!!!!
    :( :p
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  19. Pm it to me since it's large :p
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