Beaver Amusement Park!

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  1. Come one Come all to Beaver Amusement Park! It is completely free! (With the exception of food and drink.) There are Rides, Parkour (prize is 10,000 rupees!!!!), and food and drinks! Make sure to come and to tell your friends about Beaver Amusemt Park!!!
    Located at /v 16445 on smp8

  2. This sound very epic! ;)
    I will come check it out
  3. Awesome! Ty guys for the response!:D (its very epic!)
  4. Nice! Suggestion! I have one, I mean :p you could ask someone (ME!) to spawn a snow golem from Blizzs body on a dunk tank then you could make a thing where you shoot a button and it pulls away a block and blizz Jr. gets DUMPED into water!
  5. omg best idea ever going to do that
  6. Are you going to ask me to make you a snow golem? :p also the name should be Dunk That Blizz!
  7. I have an arm and a nose so im good! and ill name it something like that
  8. How will Blizz get back up?
  9. black magic (use a lead maybe?)