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  1. Was just putting this out here, I have this neighbor beside one of my res's and he has these beacons so every time i go to one side of my res i am always running fast, jumping high and oh of coarse lagging.. i really do not want to find a res cause it doesn't matte where i go everyone has a beacon. I really dislike these things i do not want to be running fast or anything like that on my res, so what i was suggesting that their be a command or something to have the beacons have the effects only on the res it is on. Thanks
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  2. OP is basically asking for a beacon flag (to see if you want the beacon effects on your res ) or a way to make it so Beacons only give the effect in the same residence that they are on.
  3. Thats a really good idea cause i hate having these beacon effects.
  4. Just curious, but why are beacon effects bad?
  5. They cause lag.
  6. Maybe you are doing parkour and boom jump 2 messes you up or You are digging and the haste makes you dig too fast and you end up digging where you didn't want to.
  7. Ahh i can see that being annoying if it was constantly switching on and off
  8. What is your res #? It could also be from farther away reses because the power range has increased.
  9. I have like 4 res's connected, and I would understand it with slow computers. I would support this idea, if it could be turned on and off. So not that beacons only work on the res they are on, because that would kill my thing.
  10. I on a brand new computer lol but it is a laptop but i just hate running around super fast and jumping all crazy, but when their is more then 4 beacons i lag.. D:
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  11. I would recommend discussing it with your neighbor for now, i was glad to relocate the beacons on my res to accommodate one of my neighbors on smp1
  12. lol my neighbors beacon is on the other side of his res and it still effects my res
  13. Thumbs up for a beacon flag. I can see where many people would only set them up for the sake of appearance, but don't want or need the effects. Would be nice if residence owners could choose to enable/disable beacon effects on their plot (if they also own the beacon in question, it would disable the effect entirely, meaning no bleed-over onto EMC roads or other residences).
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  14. ever gone to 413? xD
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  15. I think that beacons should only have effects on the res that they are in, so others wouldn't get "beacon lag" ;)
  16. I entirely agree, beacons should only effect the residence that they're on and the entire residence they're on ;) They have the ability to completely ruin fun games made by players such as parkour
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  17. Turning off beacon effects on your res would only solve the annoying affects. It wouldn't, however, solve the lag. That would require having the chunks on the res with the beacon unrender. It would be really hard to implement that and it would be a problem for the person who owns thee residence in the first place. So unfortunately limiting beacon effects won't limit lag like you hope it will. Other than that, I'm in favor of this.
  18. See I have the opposite problem... my beacons keep me from lagging on my home res but if I go to any of my other ones I lag a lot. I enjoy being able to move around easily. But I understand where your coming from and it is a good idea.
  19. ya like i have a haunted house and im running around all fast xP thats not suppose to happen lol
  20. solution: make the floor soulsand
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