Beacons for Sale Lot 9444

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  1. As the post says, there are currently 7 beacons for sale at lot 9444.

    Sales are first come first serve. Price is set at 21,000.

    As we restock I will bump this thread, (will probably be once every few days) to let you know there is fresh stock.
  2. You're back!
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  3. yuppers :D
  4. Why dost thou tempt me to spend money on things that serve no purpose?
  5. DO IT u know u want to :D
  6. well ill call over and buy 3
  7. Haha, so much for "Who needs rupees!"...:rolleyes::p
  8. At the time, there was nothing to spend it on. Got to save for wild protections now! :)
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  9. Few more beacons, If anyone wants to buy one! :)
  10. how many?
  11. Only 3 left.