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  1. I have a question of a beacon. I have one in my res with the best piramid (9x9) of iron. When I put a diamond in the beacon, it gives me the power but I can't put 2 powers at once because the first one finishes. When I go out and enter again the power is gone!
    Can somebody explain me how this works? I saw that in some res I have 4 powers and they regenerate every second!
    I need help people!
    Thnx for your time :)
  2. I believe you have to be in a certain area around the Beacon :)
  3. also you have to make sure to not put in the diamond (you can use iron too) until after your second power has been selected.
  4. I am next to the beacon!. Another question: Is the same to use iron or diamond?
  5. I have a suggestion.
    I think you need more tiers to the pyramid, like this;
  6. WTF? I have just 1 beacon but I know people who have 1 and they have the 4 powers
  7. I think it might be only 2 powers to a beacon.
    Let me check in creative.
  8. You can only have one of five powers per beacon: Speed, Haste, Resistance, Jump Boost, and Strength. There is one secondary power, Regeneration. Since Regeneration doesn't really benefit us in Town, the size of the pyramid only benefits us in range. The largest beacons have a range of 40 blocks. People who have four powers probably have four beacons.
  9. Or you can select the first ability again for the improved ability.
    i.e. Speed II
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  10. also you can piggyback another beacon with another by extending the pyramid 1 block to the left/right.
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