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  1. Hello, I am having effect problems with beacons, every beacon, even the empire shop, the effects only last "Two" Seconds. Single Player does not have this problem, I have not tested other servers, but I have redownloaded minecraft, and nothing, please help it is giving me a headache having my screen go in and out constantly.
  2. Beacons work fine for me... they go to 8 seconds, count down to 5, then jump up to 8 for me... but this is how they work.
  3. You need to make the video public.
  4. Look at the video.
  5. Very weird. I have no idea.
  6. This usually happens when your connection to the server is poor and/or lags.
    The server sends your minecraft the time for the buff but your minecraft tends to skip the refresh buffs info so it runs out, then get is back and so forth.
    Are you running anything else on your network that could be taking bandwidth such at netflix and such?
  7. This also happens on difficulty 10? Check your difficulty.
  8. O_O didn't know that one...
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  9. It was the difficulty setting, he has it fixed now :D
  10. yep, higher difficulties shorten good effects and increase bad ones lol