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  1. So who is watching tonight??
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  2. What is Breaking Bad anyway?
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  3. ...
    I cant begin to explain lmao. look on google
  4. I'm so pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Dammit Marie they aren't rocks! They're minerals, how many times do i have to tell you.
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  6. Highschool Chem teacher finds out he has lung cancer so he recruits a former student to help him make and sell Meth.
  7. I'd watch but my mom doesn't *approve* of this show.
  8. I watched the first few episodes but there was just to much drama.
  9. I wish Los Pollos Hermanos was still open :(
  10. Whose watching?
  11. I was pretty satisfied with the ending of Season 4, for me that was when the show fulfilled it's entertainment quota and should have ended. I think they are just flogging a dead horse now, trying to milk the show for all they can. :)

    I'll still watch it though... :p
  12. Your best course of action, Tread Lightly. Damn that was good
  13. Its the last season... they announced that this would be the final season before last season was even over. So they obviously feel close to the same as you.