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  1. Heyllo Empire Lovelies!

    my current avatar is brought to you by palmsugar, and i love it
    (don't get me wrong, i do absolutely love it)
    (also, please don't bother her with requests as she said she doesn't have much time to work on them, she worked on mine for a month or two and i don't want her to be bombarded with questions) thank you!

    i want to have a collection of such things of many different styles/kinds to choose from at any point in time in the future and i want you to help!

    what should the avatar be or have in it?
    ~ as you all know i am obsessed and love myself some batman, so, batman related things are always a go! like me and bats, or possibly me dressed in proper attire, i dunno, bat/batman be in the photo.
    ~ i love easter/pastel colors
    ~ you can make it my skin, which is shown here, though i change my skin often, i still enjoy this one i made a lot so i would not get bored of whatever you come up with involving this.
    ~ i love cartoon style things
    ~ i love computer drawn things
    ~ i pretty much like a lot of things.. so whatever is YOUR style of drawing!

    i want to see the style you enjoy, i want to see what you come up with!

    ~ what i don't want is just a googled photo of batman, i want it personalized, i want me in it, my skin drawn as a cartoon, me and batman in a comic? i dunno, something personal involving me.. not just any type of googled image that really isn't.. me, if that makes sense? lol hopefully it does! anyway!

    since i will not know if i will end up using yours or not in the future, everyone who puts in a fair amount of effort to make a good avatar, submit it, and i like it! you will win my head, free of charge! :D
    so! have at it!
  2. I tried, but then I realized I can't do art at all.
  3. how me and porphos make art :(
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  4. I draw stickmen so yea....
  5. xD oh my lord.
  6. Hey he stole my art
  7. ooooo if i could draw i would, i must haves ze head of the batts!
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