Battlefield 4!!

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  1. So who here is amped for the release of Battlefield 4?!? I certainly am.

    If you love BF4 I found that there is currently a giveaway going on by Razer for an epic Collectors Edition Battlefield 4 gaming system plus some extra awesome accessories.

    If you'd like to enter, click the picture below to enter the competition!

    Good luck, and see you on the Battlefield!!
  2. I'm super exited! I played the Beta and it was super good. Can't wait for actual release.
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  3. I do believe that you just earned another 3 entries...
    I referred with every email I had....
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  4. Edited OP with a picture link. :)
  5. I can not wait! I saw this in Gamestop the other day, it was showing it on there TV. It looks awesome. So going to play :)
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  6. Awesome man!! What platform you going to play it on?