Battlefield 4

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Im not sure if anyone else is pretty excited about Battle field 4, but i really cannot wait till it comes out. Alot of the game looks really good and cant wait to start to fly in the choppers or ride a boat around the map. Please is you are a Cod Fan... theres a thread about cod ghosts that someone else made...
    So Tell me what you think of the game and heres a video of some multiplyer gameplay :)
    Also if your into some Battle field 4, i would recomend checking out Jack frags (I dont know him or anything, he just has a lot of gameplay from Bf4
    -------Not my video------
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  2. You should get BF3 too, it's a great game.
  3. I got BF3 currently, can't wait for battlefield 4 sniping :DDD
  4. Haha i heard a 48 times scope
    i think :D
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  5. He says he doesn't have enough money for the game, but technically I think it would be video juego, because that is video game.
  6. Ah thanks
  7. a mistake was made....
  8. correct it then
  9. I have BF3 on my PS3, and I can't wait for Battlefield 4 :D Although, it is a little expensive (I'm not paying £50 for a game)
  10. What did this thread turn into...
  11. Well i guess all games when they come out are around that price range, was going to get bf3, but ill just wait for bf4 lol
  12. They're not. Games that are new come in a £20-£30 price range.
  13. Well were i am (Canada, and USA i believe) New games are usually around 60$
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  14. Please stop spamming the thread
  15. Can you please stop?
  16. ...
  17. So... £37?
  18. google it...
  19. I did - but it wasn't in Canadian dollars. And I couldn't find the Canadian Dollar option.
  20. convert the amount...