Battlefield 3 players?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ongrid, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. *Note* Please do not start any conversation or wars about Battlefield and COD on which is the best, this is strictly for BF3 !

    Hello once again EMC! I'm looking for people who play BF3 for PC, I like to have people i can play with and be familiar with. We all know games are more fun with friends. I don't know if there are lots of you out there that play BF3, but if you do, we should play some time!

    In this thread we can...
    -Organize some games...
    -Start a clan...
    -Share BF3 secrets...

    *I hope you guys use Battlelog*
    Battlelog is great, it has plugin to your BF3 game, you can join servers, invite friends and add friends, even shows you your player stats and upcoming unlocks!

    Please post here, in this thread, if your interested in this.

    Feel free to send me a friend request:
    Name: Shonz0r (zero not an o between z and r)
    Level: Colonel 13 or 14 (what a n00b)

    Remember, friends don't play alone...
  2. I am a major BF3 fan, but I play on PS3. I have been hoping to start a PS3 BF3 clan as well, I've found 2 other people, hopefully you'll find some, and I'll find some more.

    Have you always played BF3, or did you convert from COD?
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  3. I have always liked BF3 more than COD but I didn't know how to get it for PC. So I've been playing a bit of COD, but transferd to BF3. I play COD with my friends, because they don't like BF3. Probably because they don't play it, and won't start trying playing it.
  4. I am a premium bf3 member but on ps3. can't wait for end game dlc
  5. :p Me too, but I'm not premium
  6. I used to play it when it first came out until Close Quarters came out because my friend got tired of it so I had no one to play with, and because I thought it was absolutely stupid that I have to pay another $60 to pretty much enjoy the game. I had the limited edition so I had B2K but I really don't like how EA and now almost every developer does this with their games. I'd keep playing normally but there's always that one game where someone is using a gun thats probably better than all the other base guns.

    I think I'm level 39 also. I play(ed) COD also, but didn't buy BO2 because I don't feel like paying another whopping $60 for just zombies.

    I forgot to add that I played on Xbox.
  7. Bump! Does any still play PC version? And interested in playing sometime?
  8. kilmannan and myself are BF3 PC players, I'm premium, Kilmannan isnt =p
  9. I play PC. Thestar19 is my name on skype and battelog.
  10. What are you usernames, eclipses and kilmannan?
  11. I also Play BF3 PC ,have premium :p
    My name is :tomtark123
    Rank 99
  12. Eclipsys <- with SYS not SES and Kilmannan
  13. Great! I'll start a big private conversation with all of us, so we can organize gameplay :D
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  14. Bump!
    Any other players interested?
  15. I am premium and PS3 as well. Would you be interested in joining an EMC BF3 PS3 squad? It would be you, me, deathconn, and fedswePS3.
  16. I can't beacause the most of my time playing minecraft. And also I am busy with the ps plus games to get the platinum trophies. So I am rarely opening bf3.
  17. Bump
    Any others?
  18. Well, even if you only play once a month or less, it would still be great to have you.
  19. im looking to play with people on BF3 on xbox. PM me ur gamertags so we can play.:D