Battlefield 3 - Fellow combatants wanted

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by kilmannan, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. So I'm slowly going insane with the lack of teamwork on most BF3 servers and I need someone to join me in my armoured destruction.

    Mumble would be ideal for VOIP without phaffing around in-game.

    My specialisation is Engineer - Armoured if I want to get stuck in, or AA if the enemy is superior in the sky.

    I tend to spend my time on Operation Firestorm.

    Let me know if you want to roll with me!
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  2. I couldn't agree more with the complete lack of teamwork. It would be so easy with effective communication. I'm not great at the game but I'm learning. Xbox gamer tag VividOptimism. I'm still learning the maps and do not have the new ones.
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  3. thestar19 ingame name,Still kind of noob,But learning quickly :D
  4. I've learned not to expect teamwork in pubs on most fps games.
  5. Aha, my bad. PC BF3, not your pretend Xbox360 version. :p

    I wouldn't waste my money on the map expansion pack, what a rip-off.
  6. I got PS3 BF3 :D XxBoWnZxX add me if you got it. if not, well just keep on shooting :D before I blow you up with my jets skills :)
  7. Ill play with you, I love playing Bf3. But I agree its insane how much confusion there is because of the lack of team work. It would be a lot better to get some people to work with that know what hey are doing. :D
  8. Eclipsys and I have become a death-dealing team on BF3 - We use Skype for our comms and have so far worked flawlessly together, specialising in Armoured death before we starting doing flag hopping in the chopper.

    Great fun!

    Add us on Origin. What's your timezone?
  9. What type of controller do you use on a pc?
  10. An fps game with a controller? Why would you ever do that?
  11. .... That'd be the keyboard and mouse?

    Craziest thing I've ever heard. :D
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  12. Oh. I thought maybe people used xbox, ps3, or some other controller. A keyboard with a FPS sounds complicated.
  13. I can't think of playing an fps game with a controller. Mice have much more precise movements and keyboard layouts are easier on the hands. Also I have how many keys I can bind stuff to compared to your controller?
  14. If you put a control pad player against a keyboard / mouse player, the control pad player inevitably gets dry humped to death.

    So much more precision, configuration and flexibility. :)
  15. couldn't agree more
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  17. i'll gladly play with you. Just be warned i'm not very good,Ican't fly a helicoptor and I'v never driven a jet

    But I can follow instructions well
  18. I played on XBOX but I can't stand the game anymore. I'm a fairly decent player and some games I am able carry a bad team. Lately it's been like this: game ends, your team loses by 100+ tickets, and you're 2500+ points above everyone in the lobby. The new patch is terrible as well. I'm glad I decided to stop playing it. MineCraft sure is a change of pace; I don't need to worry about stats or winning! :p
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  19. I cant agree with you more. I used to play games like Skyrim and BF3, but then I found EMC, and I loved it :D