Battle of 1001 Deaths: Organized Bed-Suicide PVE 2nd Edition Nether Event

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What Day Works Best (Only Respond if you plan to attend!)

Sat. Feb 12th 7pm CST 6 vote(s) 50.0%
Sun. Feb 13th 7pm CST 1 vote(s) 8.3%
Sat. Feb 12th, BUT time doesn't work (I'd prefer later) 1 vote(s) 8.3%
Sun. Feb 13th, BUT time doesn't work (I'd prefer later) 1 vote(s) 8.3%
Either Day works. 2 vote(s) 16.7%
Either Day, but Time doesn't work (I'd prefer later) 1 vote(s) 8.3%
  1. This will be the 2nd Iteration of EMC Most Popular Public Event: The Vaunted 'Battle of 1001 Deaths'

    The Details:
    What: Organized player-vs-mobs fighting. Diff 10, enraged mobs, and minibosses. The only tools/weapons permitted are blocks for crossing fire/lava....and beds. Armor is restricted to leather armor ONLY.
    Who: Anyone who likes organized PVE events, hates piglins, and has skill in trying to sleep amidst adverse conditions.
    Where: The Nether Waste, right off a EMC outpost. SMP and specific outpost TBD. Look for updates on this.
    When: Tentatively Either Sat. Feb. 12th or 13th. Tentatively 7pm CST, but I've setup a poll to see what would work best for those that want to attend
    WHY GRIMM: I still haven't been made Green (#GreenGrimm2022), so I have limited options for unique, yet engaging public events. Last summer I hosted the 1st edition of this event and we had 10-20 ppl in attendance for >2hrs. I'm hoping to get 30 people this time. Combat via Bed-Suicide PVE is a very level playing field and both young and old, noob or veteran player can succeed at this.

    Details: I'll have supplies for 1001 beds to be made. I've already received some assistance for this, but donations of wool or logs would be appreciated to allow me more time in planning this.
    • The event will consist entirely of en-mass free-for-all style player vs NPCs in the nether. You place a bed and right click it near the mob to injure/kill them.
    • Enraged Mobs and Minibosses will both be on.
    • Being the Nether there will be a lot of Fire, Lava, and Death.
    Will There Be Prizes: The Glory of combat and fiery death should be prize enough you traitors!
    ...That being said, many mob heads and loot will be available: feel free to scoop the field of loot, just don't let it distract you from your primary goal of dying in combat...repeatedly... and often.
    Players participating will be asked to turn head drop on, and many of these are prizes enough, as many do not normally have their head for sale at any price.

    *I'm also working on how to track who kills the most netherhounds/enraged/minibosses, and if I can figure this out there will be a prize for this as well.
    (should anybody want to donate to the prize pool that is welcome. there will be a donation box available at /v 7888 on SMP3)
    Remember only those who die gloriously in battle will reach Odin's Hall!.
    Show NO hesitation, no mercy, and let them hear your battle cry, "I think I'll take a nap!". Only those that follow these rules will be heard in song and story for ages to come!

    **More Updates on the event, changes to the time/place of it, etc will be occurring so keep an eye on this thread up until the big day.
  2. #GreenGrimm2022

    I will also sponsor a promo prize
  3. I think I will take many naps on this day!
  4. UPDATE:
    I have some other things I gotta slay on Sat at a prerelease event, so I'm thinking of moving it to Sunday, depends on when the event gets done. If this conflicts with your schedule lemme know.
  5. Ahh nice nice! Let's see if i can do in battle. Maybe give a try
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  7. The outpost of your unmaking that shall aid in your glorious demise has been chosen. SMP3 /Nether Waste NW
    Coords: -4000 -4000
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this event. Killed dras atleast 28 times :p
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  9. I enjoy farming kills off Kry
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