bats mabye?

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  1. Hello and welcome to the thread ( :p ) . I'm posting this to ask the admins of Empire Minecraft to make it possible to eggify bats . ( :) ) If so thank you :)

  2. Wrong section. Should be in 'The Suggestion Box'.
  3. I don't see why we should be able to. I mean they are non-hostile.
  4. They despawn :(
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  5. They have no drops, and can't be controlled. I could see if they dropped a bat wing that could be used in a potion or something. I see on the Wiki that they can squeeze between blocks, so you wouldn't even be able to restrict one to a cave on your residence either. If they despawn as Chascarrillo says, that just kills any potential they may have in Town, in my opinion.
  6. They are essentially the same as Squid... "Sort of" a monster but not really..

    They will be wasted money to ever buy a Bat egg just like Squids, and they are not controllable in sense they can just fly out of res.

    however with the entity teleporting when leaving res, theyd essentially just get stuck teleporting back and forth as they try to leave the res.

    I don't really see much gain in adding bats to egging.
  7. But staff should allow them to spawn in town, though.
  8. I wouldn't mind having them flying around. I wouldn't mind having squids spawn in my pond either. Town is for aesthetics after all.

    I think Aikar removed them to simplify mob limits. As it is I often get funky results from /entcount where I somehow have a negative number of entities. I'm guessing that scamp is fudging code to make things work ;). As long as we have mob limits and other special code governing mobs in Town, having mobs that are constantly appearing then disappearing all around Town is just asking for weird things to happen with the other, more popular, ones.
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  9. well I'd like to make a zoo with them in it :/
  10. not a waste
    not a waste of money if your making a zoo with non free entry :p
  11. adding a command to freeze bats on your residence could help could it not?
  12. They despawn.
  13. 0_o
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  14. what about bat spawners?
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  15. great idea!
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  16. because bats are batmans minions. :( lolol, was hoping to have bats all through my house.
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  17. bats rule! best mob ever even if they dont do much XD
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