Batman Banner Contest

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  1. if anyone has ever noticed, i am batman obsessed ❤️ ;) if you haven't? then i dunno what kind of blindfold you've had on. lmao :p

    anyway! i bring to you a simple contest for you! -hopefully it will result in some awesomeness!
    (please i beg you)

    i want TONS and TONS of batman themed banners.. and there has been one person who has made me batman banners before.. but i don't have many (though i know i can make more, i want to see other kinds/and other kinds others can make!) and i want ALLLLLL kinds of them.. and i don't know how to make them at all.. like, at all. it is horrible.. same with fireworks, can't make them if my life depended on it! XD
    * anyone who enters the contest with a legitimate and accepted product will win 5,000 rupees! EVERYONE will win in this contest, (unless you don't make one i'm looking for) which the rules below will tell you what i am looking for!
    ask any questions you need!

    ---- if you do not want to post your photos of what you've created, you can message me your entry with no problems! though why wouldn't you want to share them with the world?
    * entries that are accepted will be listed on this post, and then, there will be a chest you can access to drop in your banners on my res, 15246 on smp7.

    ---- you will be paid 5,000 for each entry that is accepted!
    * colors i will accept are light gray, dark blue, black, and yellow. (obviously) :p

    ---- you do not need to use all of these colors but at least two of them.
    * i want a batman logo of any kind to be in the design itself, other wise it wouldn't really be batman now would it? a simple google search will reveal ALL the kinds of batman logos you may use! try anything! lol

    - example of these are the two i already have:

    ---- please include 10 stacks of every banner type you make.. like i said, i want a lot for future use.

    ALSO PLEASE INCLUDE PHOTOS OF EACH KIND OF BANNER, so that i can see what they look like, duh! :D THANKS :D ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    i'm sure there are more ways to design these? i would think, but i honestly have no idea... lol so if there isn't? let me know!


  2. *begs for entries*
  3. Hey ^_^ I'm not officially entering the contest but I am sending you some banners I have that are batman logos, and a joker ;) I didn't create the originals, I just copied the banner recipes that were posted on planet minecraft :p
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  4. I honestly never thought to google batman banners and make some that way >_>
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