Batman 2015

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  1. I personally think Jenson Ackles would be a great batman....
  2. I would normally have an opinion on anything to do with Batman, but honestly I don't think this movie should exist. For years DC has portrayed the movie version of Batman as living outside of the DCU due to the Nolan movies (this is the way I prefer my Batman). The sudden change of direction is just going to be confusing for people, and I think it will just work against them. I really respect Bale for not taking this role. Oh, and to top it all off, they give the movie to Zack Snyder; he already screwed up Watchmen and I've heard very mixed things about Man of Steel. Edit: Actually I do have one opinion on this: please Baby Jesus, don't let it be Orlando Bloom.
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  3. It's rumored that Ryan Gosling would play batman, but I really hope it's just a rumor.
    He doesn't have a per say "bat-chin" to put on the mask. There are only two people that I would give a chance to play batman. That's Josh Brolin, they want a batman in his 40s and he looks that part enough. Or I would want Christian Bale back because he did pretty well as batman, he could do it again without that atrocious voice.
  4. An older Batman directly contradicts everything DC is trying to do with their New 52 reboot. DC, why do you keep doing stupid stuff that makes me want to bang my head into a wall?
    Having Bale play Batman would be even more confusing. And the voice wasn't atrocious. I did think it was overused in The Dark Knight and Rises. In Batman Begins he wouldn't always speak that way.
  5. Ah that's Hollywood for ya. I just like the idea of Christian Bales batman because I already like him in the role, but if they could find someone else who could convincingly play batman, I'd give them a chance. I didn't like the voice because it sounded like he was choking on rocks and trying to clear his throat, it could have been a little less obvious.