Base on SMP 2 looking for members. (Established)

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  1. Base on SMP 2 needs to be established, has been in operation for over 2.5 months.

    Seeking players new and old looking to join a very good area. I am looking for builders and creators.

    Becomming a member will give you access to:
    -Gold Farm
    -Iron Farm
    -Obsidian Farm (X-Large)
    -Cobble Farm
    -Tree Farm
    -Snow Farm
    -Villager Farm
    -Sheep Farm 250 sheep per farm, 3 farms having 5 different colors each
    -Cow Farm 250 (in progress)
    -Chicken Farm (in progress of being moved)
    -Pig Farm (in progress)
    -Sugar Cane Farm 100x9
    -Netherwart Farm 100x16
    -Carrot and potato Farm 100x16
    -Pumpkin and Melon Farms (not completed) 100x8
    -Wheat Farm x2 medium size

    I am looking for players who have unique abilities to expand the base to new limits.
    Also The base is located far from town as to avoid griefers and stealers.

    Anyone who is interested in joining should message me on here instead of ingame as i do go afk often and without notice.
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